Let’s Complete the Application

Meet Your Team:


Missy Jackson is going to walk you through the entire process and collect all the paperwork we need to complete your loan.

When you’re looking to take out a home mortgage, the process can feel overwhelming. I have created a team that will help navigate that process and make it simple. I hired Missy Jackson as the perfect person to help home buyers achieve their goals

Missy Jackson is a reliable guide and partner on your side. Missy is an excellent loan manager, who has many years of experience in home mortgages. She knows all the ins and outs of getting your loan approved. She will help you navigate the complex process of getting your home mortgage with ease, from collecting all the paperwork to answering any questions that come up along the way. With her keen eye for detail and expertise, Missy will take most of the stress away.

So don’t go through the home mortgage process alone – Between the mortgage knowledge of Jeremy Brock and the organization of Missy Jackson, we are the perfect team to make your home mortgage dreams a reality.

Helpful Guides:

  • DO – Contact your insurance agent
  • DO – Turn in ALL paperwork we request (ALL PAGES)
  • DO – Make sure your data is inputted accurately
  • DO – Respond quickly to your Loan Officer and their team.
  • DO – Continue to make ALL payments on time
  • DO NOT – Apply for new credit
  • DO NOT – Make large deposits
  • DO NOT – Have any new inquires on your credit
  • DO NOT – Co-Sign on a loan
  • DO NOT – Spend your down payment money


  1. GET PRE-APPROVED – talk to Jeremy today and get the process started.  The application is easy to fill out and should take around 15 minutes.
  2. UNDER CONTRACT – congrats! My team will open escrow and send out initial disclosures.
  3. LOAN PROCESSING – please get us back all the paperwork we request as quickly as possible.
  4. UNDERWRITING – this doesn’t need to sound scary, we have packaged and structured your file correctly, this is just another step.
  5. LOAN APPROVAL – congrats! The loan is initially approved and we just need a few more things, please sign your closing disclosure ASAP.
  6. CLEAR-TO-CLOSE – everything is ready and complete. Documents will be going to Escrow.
  7. FUNDING – you get your keys!


Our Staff is commited to keeping you safe. Typically meetings will be done through the phone or a zoom call. We are happy to meet you in person, please call to scedule an in-person meeting. We will take additional distancing precautions.